Wannabe homeowners struggle to get a mortgage but it’s about to get easier

    October 22nd, 2014

    Lending to prospective homeowners falls to its lowest level since the Lehman
    Brothers crash – but banks and building societies are loosening their

    Lending to home buyers has fallen to its lowest level in two years suppressed
    by the strict regulations that now govern mortgage applications, according
    to new data from the Bank of England, released on Tuesday.

    The central banks Credit
    Conditions Survey showed that for the third quarter of 2014, lenders
    reported the biggest fall in the amount of credit they were able to supply
    since the last three months of 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed.

    This was due to reduced...

    Beware Bad Car Loans: They’re More Common Than You Think

    October 21st, 2014

    Without a loan in hand, youre more likely to get stuck with an auto loan markup, which allows the auto seller to inflate the rate offered by a third-party lender. This practice alone adds $25.8 billion in hidden interest over the lives of many car loans, according to the Center for Responsible Lending.

    Yo-yo sales can also trap a buyer. Thats when a dealership calls after someone has already signed the paperwork and taken the car home to announce something was wrong with the conditional sale. Sometimes the dealer will demand the car be returned and the buyer sign a more expensive loan or face consequences.

    Usually thats a lie, Rheingold said.

    If a consumer gets a call...

    Clinton hires 4th town finance director in 4 years

    October 21st, 2014

    Town and school financial operations were separate operations, each with its own director since 2000 when town Finance Director Rosemary Faulkner was assigned both jobs as a cost efficiency. Since then, the finance director typically would spend part of the day in town hall and the remainder in the school board offices.

    But town and school officials began questioning the system after some accounting issues were discovered and after Robert Curry, the last town/school finance director, retired just a year after he was hired. Town and school officials said Curry found the dual jobs to be more of a task than he anticipated.

    In evaluating the demands of the position,...

    Tesco staff ‘misled auditors’ over black hole

    October 21st, 2014

    The source said the situation at Tesco was very serious and was not an
    accounting issue but the result of inappropriate behaviour. The source
    added: There was a deliberate intention not to be upfront with the

    The revelation that the practice has been going on for more than six months
    will concern Tesco investors, who have already seen the value of the company
    fall by almost half in 2014. However, they will be relieved if the evidence
    suggests there was not a widespread issue within the culture of the company.

    Sources within Tesco have confirmed there was concern among the companys
    finance team and auditors for some time...

    Going rogue: How the Ministry of Finance plays by its own rules

    October 21st, 2014

    When it comes to getting its way, the Finance Ministry will go to no end to force other governmental bodies to bend to its will. 

    By Hagai Kalai

    Like public authorities in Israel, the Ministry of Finance aims to promote public interest to the best of its understanding. However, like all public authorities, the ministry suffers from a narrow perspective: it gives higher value to its own policies, while undervaluing the importance of proper administrative process. Yet, while most public authorities try and promote their agenda through the standard legitimate government mechanisms, the Ministry of Finance has developed a long line of sophisticated mechanisms that enable it to avoid...

    Wisconsin woman charged with faking cancer to get money

    October 21st, 2014

    SPRING GREEN, WI (WTAQ) – Prosecutors in southern Wisconsin said a woman faked a diagnosis of cancer to raise over $50,000 from charities and individual donors.

    29-year-old Theresa Strub of Lone Rock is charged in Sauk County with 7 felonies — one charge of identity theft and the rest, theft by fraud. Shes also charged in Richland County with 3 misdemeanor theft by fraud counts, plus a felony ID theft charge.

    Shes free on signature bonds in both counties. Strub waived time limits for preliminary hearings. Status conferences are set for November 21st in Sauk County, and December 3rd in Richland County.

    Authorities were called in 8 months ago. The state Justice...

    Bad Credit Auto Lender, Complete Auto Loans, Shares, "Answered: Three …

    October 20th, 2014

    PR Web

    Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 18, 2014

    Getting a new auto insurance policy often cause one to wonder if they made the right policy choices. In the new article from the bad credit auto lender, Complete Auto Loans, three common auto insurance questions are answered.

    https://completehomeloans.net/application-form/ – 60 second application form

    Deductibles, one topic discussed in the article are just one of the common questions asked by insurance shoppers. Complete Auto Loans says, By opting for the lowest deductible you will likely pay a higher monthly premium. Whereas a higher deductible will lower...

    Take Control of Your Auto Loan With Camino’s Flexible Loan Options

    October 20th, 2014

    Buying a car in the Montebello, Calif., area can be essential to getting around and getting everyday tasks done in Los Angeles County. A competitive auto loan is a great way to make sure your large purchase is a worthwhile investment, and the right low-interest auto loan can save you thousands of dollars.

    Camino Federal Credit Union is one affordable lender in Montebello, with flexible loan terms to ensure buying a car will stay within your budget. Camino Federal Credit Union offers new auto loans for as low as 1.99% APR (annual percentage rate) for 36 months and used auto loans for as low as 2.49% APR for 36 months.

    The Montebello credit union also partners with special...

    Hands-on finance starts early

    October 20th, 2014

    KEARNEY — A new branch of Kearney Federal Credit Union is now open for business at Emerson Elementary School.

    The collaborative project brings together Emerson, KFCU and the Center for Economic Education at the University of Nebraska at Kearney to teach students about everyday economics and personal finance.

    article source

    One similarity and many differences in finance reports for congressional …

    October 20th, 2014

    Incumbent Bill Huizenga, a Republican from Zeeland, faces challenger Dean Vanderstelt, a Democrat from Spring Lake Township, in the Nov. 4 election.

    Neither has spent heavily on print, billboard or video ads, as evidenced byfinance reports recently made public for the Huizenga For Congress and Vanderstelt For Congress campaign committees.

    You need to make some decisions on how youre going to reach people, said Huizengas campaign manager Jim Barry. If you look at TV right now, its certainly very crowded.

    Michigan governor and US Senate candidates are buying up a lot of airtime, but not Huizenga and not his opponent, either.

    Things have changed, Vanderstelt said....